We are comin’ back!!!

Hey all, not sure how many people have actually still been reading the content that we established before we got caught up with school and other activities, but according to the charts, we have a lot of constant views from at least random people…. and that’s great!

We are going to re-purpose the site to carry more sway with Dungeons and Dragons, League of legends, and other various role playing games. I would like to note that we will try to post a few pictures of minecraft creations and we will try to keep up with the constant flow of information in this post-E3 time of year. Already I have started creating LoL guides on a different site that I will supply links to later. I will try to keep up with updating this site as much as I can seeing as it is now summer.

I appreciate any and all attempts to keep up with our lack of content here on our site, and I hope that we can bring back the attitude and commitment that originally brought all of our viewers here originally.

Stay tuned in to our page and make sure to follow our twitter “@BHeadshotNews” to make sure that you can get all of the latest and greatest news about the games that we all share a deep and pationate love for. also, you may add me as a friend on League of legends. My name is “Plasmatic Blood.”


Without further ado,


I am plasmaticblood, and thanks for reading along with me today!


please reply or forever be a NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOBBBB

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