Draven Guide (SoloMid)(By Plasmatic Blood)

Draven at this time is Riot’s newest addition to the League of Legends. As the Glorious Executioner of Noxus and the brother of Darius, Draven is a very flashy champion with the makings of a very powerful addition to any team composition. Draven is also my new favorite champion to play, and as such, I have created this guide for people who would like to get to know this champion.

I would really like anyone who even plays LoL to read this and support me as a rising player in the LoL community and because whether you play Draven or not, knowing how Draven plays will benefit any player in avoiding the ill fate of one of his victims.

The guide can be found on the SoloMid website by searching for Draven in the guides section, titled; “A Guide to the Glorious Executioner.” The guide can also be found by simply following this link: http://bit.ly/MsRuCT

I hope that anyone reading this guide will benefit from it, and that if you have any questions or concern, that you will leave a comment.


Plasmatic Blood


2 responses to “Draven Guide (SoloMid)(By Plasmatic Blood)

  1. Nice to see your coming back, and thanks for the guide.

    I would recommend hyper linking the link though, makes it easier to click.

  2. o yeah, thanks, i forgot wordpress could do that, still trying to fix the site and all, so ill make sure to do that! 😀

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