The awkward silence……

Ok. So I haven’t really kept my promise on Friday videos, and we forgot to record the last few dnd sessions. SO! I will be posting new posts about every Monday/Tuesday and Friday whether it be a video or random post.

As of now, I have not started writing for gamer zitch yet. When that will happen is unknown. Either way, I’m still waiting for the recovery disk for my laptop to arrive so I may start playing and writing reviews without the use of my phone.

In other news, double fine was given 400000 dollars to start a new point and click RPG! Its really weird, because a large majority of the money came from players! Its amazing what people will do for entertainment…

Anyway, that’s my bit for the week, I’ll try to get a video out tomorrow, but I WILL be posting my review of Gotham city imposters tomorrow.

Back to studying SQL for my oracle academy class,

Plsnbld(xbl) @plasmaticblood(twitter)


please reply or forever be a NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOBBBB

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