Lack of content

Hey all. So lately. The site hasn’t been updated much due to multiple factors that I would like to explain. For one, I’m now without my computer for almost 2.5 weeks, which really limits my capacity of posting and updating my end of week videos. Granted I didn’t have many chances due to school to do my end of week videos. Also, I personally have been busy working with my robotics team getting ready for our competition in march.

as for rdpete, I can’t say, but that’s my reasons for not posting very often in the last few weeks, but now I’m getting ready to post a lot more as my laptop has some finishing work done on it before I get it back. I am also going to start writing for another much more successful site simultaneously, gamerzitch. Some of the people who have listened to our dnd podcasts may recognize that we have had one of their other writers (loveassassin13) to join us.

So, that’s my update on the status of the site, I’m not abandoning it, but we will be focusing more on audio and video casts. Back to cursing geek squad and all computer repair companies,

Plsmbld (xbl) @plasmaticblood (twitter)


please reply or forever be a NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOBBBB

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