Technology, games, false advertising, and all associated bullshit…

So, this last week, I started looking more into the technology behind, phones, game consoles, games, computers and a lot of other stuff. This resulted in me realizing how much money companies are spending on NOT getting sued. One example on the smart phone side of things is that apple recently released the newest iPhone with the new siri app which in multiple accounts, apple employees said it was the first app of its kinda to allow people to actually tell their phone what to do besides call people. The official commercial and internet sources will say it’s not the first, but is one of the best. In reality, it just shows how egotistic apple really is because the iPhone’s competitor, the Windows Phone 7, including models like the HTC Trophy, have had a similar and simpler version of the app for almost 2 years now.

On the gaming side of things, a lot of gamers believe anything developers tell them. DICE has by far created the best engine for making games with destructible environments, but right before they could release Bad Company 1 with the first installment of the Frostbite engine, Red Faction Geurilla was released with an unimaginable amount of destruction available to players.

false advertising is everywhere….. mostly in personal interviews, but inflated ego’s  will always prevail. Just the way I like it.

Back to League of Legends and mass amounts of research for my x-mas list….

plsmbld (XBL) @plasmaticblood (twitter)

NOTE: inbetween my last two posts,

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