Ok, so tonight, SPIKE TV gave us the awesomeness known as the VGA’s, and for those of our readers not quite sure what that means, it means we get tons of new game announcements, trailers, news and other shit that we very much care about :D!

so to end my bullshit in this post for now, here is a list of what all went on at the VGA’s.



Best action/adventure game: Batman: Arkahm City

Most anticipated game: Mass Effect 3

Best ps3/graphics: uncharted 3

Best wii/motion: LoZ: SS

Best fighting: mortal kombat

Best independent: Minecraft

Best handheld game: Super Mario 3d land

Best song ing game/downloadable/song in game and best original score: bastion

Best individual sports game: fight night champion

Portal 2: best PC, best multiplayer, best dlc, best performances by male and female humans(2      different awards btw)…. Valve obviously is having a party…..

Best driver: Forza 4

Best shooter: MW3(never saw it coming you fucking communists at activision) just so you all know, SPIKE DID have the guys from IW teabagged on stage for being over confident douche bags, they DID NOT mention BF3, but GoW3 instead…. Ignorant publicity whores….. that’s my take, just sayin…..

Studio of the year: Bethesda





trailers for every game you could imagine


New games in general:

Bioware with frostbite 2 engine: COMMAND AND CONQUER: GENERALS 2!!!!!!

Madden: Madden NFL 12 Blitz

Alan Wake’s American Nightmare



Video Game Hall of Fame Inductee: Legend of Zelda

Gamer God Award: Blizzard Entertainment! Not a surprise, but definitely appropriate


also, music was played during intermissions by Deadmau5 for the whole show.

O yeah….. and…. CHARLIE SHEEN!

Introductory cinematic for Diablo 3 was revealed!


Big 2 awards!

Character of the Year: The Joker

Game of the Year: Skyrim….. nominee’s: Zelda:SS, Uncharted 3, SKYRIM, Batman:AC, and      Portal 2


It was a GREAT show, and anyone that didn’t have the chance to watch, I’m posting this early in the night, It will be shown 2 more times and 9pm and 11pm mountain standard time. or for specifics only, go to and watch all of the videos and reveals online!

and here is a little treat for you all, the MetalGearRising trailer!

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Trailer
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2 responses to “VGA’s are FINALLY HERE!!!!!

  1. What!? BF3 not even mentioned!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? …oh yeah, that’s why I stopped paying attention to those stupid, over-biased crackheads who think what they say is the “official” best 2011 games.

    • thats exactly what I said about Battlefield 3, I mean there sound design is top notch than any other game. Machinima said that Dead Space 2 had better sound and BF3 was one of their nominees, ridiculous.

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