BF3: Back to Karkand

So… PS3 players got this first, a week before everyone else, just saying.

Anyway, overall i like this expansion pack its fun and full of memories( if you played BF2) sadly i have not. ūüė¶

Wake Island:

Conquest: Wake island conquest is, in my¬†opinion, a little to big and also there aren’t enough vehicles. I got stuck many times at the spawn with no vehicle in sight and had to hoof it to one of the objectives. Another issue with this map is¬†visibility, I played as a recon with a 12x scope and couldn’t see from C to B which if your looking at wake island B is in the center and C and A are at the top of each end of the island. I also kept having a jet pop in and out when we were attacking each other,¬†obviously¬†these are¬†probably¬†console issues and will only effect the PS3 and Xbox 360.

Rush: On rush, wake island is better and my only grief would be that both Mcoms are¬†relatively¬†close to each other. Vehicles are less of an issue and its not that far from your spawn to the Mcoms. Vehicles are very important¬†especially¬†tanks, they control the battle usually. I should also mention you don’t have a lot of room to flank, its pretty¬†strait forward¬†when your attacking.

Strike at Karkand:

Conquest: ¬†Lol, realized i haven’t played it on conquest yet, i’ll update this later.

Rush: This map is very tight when playing rush. The attackers rush into a city street and the Mcoms are inside buildings or are really enclosed and hard to get to. There are many ways to flank, which is great, but the Lav and Tank can really make this fortress like area easy to take. The map does open up as it progresses but the Mcoms are still very hard to get to. Oh and the defensive tank can really be a pain without some good engineers on your team. Let me clarify, your running down narrow streets and the tank can shoot at all the flanking positions more or less, very annoying.

Gulf of Omen:

Conquest: A mix of the openness of Wake island and the narrow streets of Karkand. It has three open bases but getting to them can be either open or narrow and risky. Honestly i haven’t played it much and really we fought mostly over B which is a three story building open on three sides and the base is at the top. Its a pain to defend or take. I’ll edit this later after iv’e played it more.

Rush: Again haven’t played it yet, will update it later.

Keep in mind I obviously haven’t played the maps that much and this is just all my opinion. Also i will try to get some video of each map up on our YouTube channel. Pictures from¬†YouTube¬†vids…and PC¬†game play,¬†so its¬†different.

-Sir_Francis :X


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