DLC’s and other such games of the interwebz

DLC’s are one of the biggest, most important aspects of today’s gaming, allowing players to continue playing their games, and developers to reap the benefits as they prepare for new installments and time for more DLC’s.

DLC has been HUGE this year, with Black Ops’ zombie packs, Dragon Age 2’s story extensions, and the release of Modern warfare 3 along with a few other physical download games. Now we gamers even prepare for the second GoW3 DLC to include new story components, and the first DLC for Battlefield 3 with the Back to Karkand map pack. These are among many of the DLC’s available this winter and in general. Unfortunately, DLC’s also add to the already costly expense of being a gamer.

We are entering the world of digital downloads as our next generation of consoles begin to emerge and the PSP already cut down to pure digital downloads for full games along with DLC. We do live in a wonderful little world of interwebz interactions after all.

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