skyrim review!

This last November, we were….. Blessed… by Bethesda studios with a new elder scrolls game! Skyrim is the biggest rpg of the year with over 30 dungeons of awesome, dragon, more than a dozen major story lines to assist and distract players from their true path, and again….dragons! Around the world, Skyrim received praise from gamers of all types. Even as I criticize it and open its obvious flaws to the internet, I too love this game.


Skyrim follows the footsteps of its predecessors with only a single player campaign. As players traverse their way through Skyrim on their epic journey for who knows what, they will notice that the world is randomly generated for the most part. Besides the deceivingly modest map, and constant AI movement patterns, Bethesda has mastered the art of player triggered randomness. The crown of Skyrim is its fantastic scenery, which at a distance, shows what medieval forests and scenic mountains really would have looked like. Accommodating these tourist attractions, are DDDRRRRRRRAAAAAAGOOOONNNSSSSSS!!!!! Unheard of in the elder scrolls universe until now, dragons have made their anticlimactic return to the world of Tamriel only to be screwed over by a single dragon born fellow controlled by the player.

The Pros:

The things that Skyrim improved on and kept from oblivion were fantastic. Farther render distance and beautiful landscapes have replaced the bland overcrowded environments of Oblivion. The ability to have a pure mage class, and combine spells has really shown the magical relevance between player abilities and the world Bethesda has crafted. All in all, the game is a hell of a lot better and friendly than Oblivion, and the Pro’s heavily outweigh the cons.

Yes Bethesda we’ve seen this village a thousand times just GIVE US THE GAME ALREADY!!!!

The Cons:

The new spikiness of Skyrim is nice, but as we learned from Modern Warfare 3 a few days before Skyrim… shiny expansions don’t change entire games worth shit… the clumsy AI, bland conversation system and lack options in terms of appearance and armor customization outside of crafting is saddening to mmo jockeys like me. Bethesda obviously didn’t learn much after helping make brink…


Overall, Skyrim is by far the best Elder Scrolls game to date. I still prefer DA2 to it, but when I have a few hours of EA server downtime to rest from battlefield 3, I’ll always have Skyrim to work on. Not everyone will agree with me, but Skyrim is the world’s best expansion to any game. Besides far distance rendering, dragons, and new class systems, it doesn’t seem to have changed enough to raise as much hype as it did. The deep back-story and boat load of side quests are amusing and fun, but the more explorative players will kill all the dragons quickly as only about half are unscripted. I would rather give this game 4 out of 5 unlike everyone else, but in my defense, the same random horse appearing out of the ground glitch from Oblivion shows the lack of effort and technology that Bethesda put into a massive game. Could have been a hell of a lot better had they taken the extra few months to develop their most anticipated game in the company’s speratic existence.

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