The Old Republic Beta has no NDA

TA MOTHER FUCKING DA! this last weekend, I COMPLETELY ignored everything not SW:ToR beta except rdpete getting an XBOX 360, but including my Skyrim review, which will come either later tonight or tomorrow for sure. back to the main topic of this post! Star Wars: The Old Republic beta. Last Tuesday I was informed through e-mail that I was invited to play in the SWTOR beta and I’m gonna say… redefining mmorpg’s is Bioware’s new forte.

The Old Republic is not a wow clone as gameplay suggests. The game not only starts players with a cutscene/bioware style chat sequence just to remind players that they are playing a bioware rpg…. that rpg just also happens to have thousands of players playing TOGETHER at the same time as players level up and explore their way through the Star Wars Universe as they have never seen before as the game is set thousands of years before all movies and games. I amazed at how well the game kept up the prestige of bioware story and level design while implementing the combat familiar to so many mmo players looking for a side addiction from the cocaine they started to doing to get away from WoW. I myself played WoW for 3 years before quiting, and SW:ToR has shown me the way Blizzard SHOULD have gone about making the worlds biggest MMO.

Back to playing said beta for the last few hours it’s available to me for the weekend,

plasmatic blood(XBL) @plasmaticblood (twitter)


One response to “The Old Republic Beta has no NDA

  1. by the way, the title means the beta has no Non-Disclosure-Agreement, which means i can’t get sued for talking about it outside of the game

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