game renting…. YEAH!!! oh yeah… and skyrim

So, today I had the pleasure of realizing something. RedBox had SKYRIM!!! first day release and I’m playing the most anticipated rpg of the year for 2$! might be 4$ if i keep it through tomorrow(most proboble) but ya know what? im a gamer, its freaking friday night, and I already have 6 hours of gameplay in. not only will I be posting another review tomorrow of this said fantasy epic.

In other words, I’ve realized how awesome and handy these rental services have become since blockbuster took it down a notch and the digit cloud started covering the world. Among other resources like Redbox, which really takes the spotlight in day by day movie rentals, GameFly and Netflix are the real industry giants. While Netflix does not yet deliver games, they do give millions of people games, and the same can be said for GameFly who obviously DOES do game rentals. Aint the world just great?

Anyway, the moral of the story is, Skyrim’s out, its great, I love redbox witha passion, and most importantly, fuck call of duty modern warfare 3. I may have said nothing about it in this post, but skyrim beats it 3 to 1, and they shouldnt even be compared really. I still just wanna say I’m glad game and movie rentals are still around even though walking around a large store of stock isnt so much a part of it anymore.

again, thank god for redbox, i need to kill more dragons nao.

-plasmatic blood(XBL) @plsmaticblood(twitter)

PS: happy veterans day, i have a cousin in the marines and I really do appreciate everything the military does for country

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