3 responses to “Our First Vlog!

    • So um…just some remarks about the video:

      1.Background music is nice.
      2. I think you need to zoom out the camera, don’t cut plsmblood in half lol.
      3. Background isn’t the best…but whatever, minor.
      4. I just want you to read 2 again, the more i watch it, the more i don’t like it.
      5. You should explain a vlog to me, yeah…
      6. You skipped MW3, which wouldn’t really matter…except it came out tonight.
      7. Cut off the beginning?
      8. The intro was pretty good.
      9. BF3 sucked me in too, so…bye.

      Signature 😀

  1. note: images have been released about bioware’s new project….. looks like new ip, will put more about it out later

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