RAGE Review (Xbox 360)

Rage Review
This fall, the world was blessed with Rage. Not just any rage though, as this kind of Rage is only found in possession of id software’s fans and lovers. Rage is a FPS set in the wasteland of….. Well, the world as we don’t know it. Borderlands fans such as me could finally quell our dreams of a semi realistic version of our beloved game to hold us over until next year’s holiday. For now, here is my review of Rage, a beautifully horrendous atrocity that makes me squeal like a school girl every time I play.


As players opened the box of this 3 disc game, they disregarded the fact that the 3rd was for multiplayer and slid in the first disc to watch an apocalyptic story unfold. Players start Rage by watching a small entering cut scene of a new moonish sized rock fly through space and blow the shit out of our own beloved rock. As game play starts, players quickly find out how spaztastic and fast paced the combat is with a pistol against the world. One of the many things that Rage does well is keeping the player on their toes ready to sprint. The game’s story and game play zoom by as fast as a bullet train.

After about 2 hours in the tutorial area of the game where players indulge in a huge chunk of story to return to later and finding out how cool buggies are. Players take their still young character into the full story with a small inventory and a flurry of question marks wrapped around what little understanding of the story they don’t already have. Players are quickly taken advantage of, they realize that id is playing a game with them. This specific game revolves around players feeling like the AI is actually alive. This liveliness is actually id making us feel like the AI actually do know everything scripted or not, and for players like me, we strive to overcome this all knowing pile of awesome crap.
All in all, this is an unimaginably good campaign. The gunplay is frantic, and for what it’s worth, I wish id had stepped in more on the development of Brink earlier this year so I wouldn’t have wasted my $60 back then. I’m going to say that anyone who likes rpg’s should at least try rage as long as they know the ending will be so definite they will think it’s a bad ending. In all honesty it’s an amazing game with an ok ending that got critiqued too much, and for that, I require id to make more games so they can give the critics the middle finger like they did after Doom 4.
Most of my readers are probably saying, “Why plsmblood, this is a single player game!” and I’m saying “FAK NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” This is purely because it’s a single player game with a third mysterious disc labeled: MULTIPLAYER and its pretty damn good, considering its vehicle warfare only, and u only spend about 10% of the game doing that in the campaign. The multiplayer car combat is actually really fun and jam-packed with a lot of action and only 4 people. Anymore people and we would be seeing a new konker game (wait….. let me get back to you on that after I go play KBFD again… and again…..) because even with four people It’s hard to take the game slowly, (and again…). It DOES move fast enough to make people learn the game on the fly, and this DOES move from single player to multiplayer. The multiplayer, had it been emphasized I think really would have HELPED sell this all around amazing game.

Off to go find a Konker’s Bad Fur Day torrent/emulator,

Plasmatic blood(XBL) @plasmaticblood(twitter)


6 responses to “RAGE Review (Xbox 360)

  1. A little late i suppose, anyway, i didn’t know you squeal like a school girl every time you play Rage. I wonder what would happen if you played Dead Space or something like that lol.

    Also tell me when you find a Konker’s Bad Fur Day torrent/emulator, would love to play that again…

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