Thank God for BioWare

So, a lot of rumors are begining to show up with the holiday season about Bioware. This said rumor goes along with the fact that Bioware loves the VGA’s more than E3, because they MAY be announcing their newest project, weather it be a new ip or sequel (DA3 announcement may make me jizz in my pants). As always, such an announcment would be met by a flurry of tweets, possible down time for the official Bioware site, and of course the possibility the CEO may walk out and say “We heard rumors about us having a new project, and I DON’T KNOW WHY CUZ WE DON’T.” in which case all of the above will still happen. Again this IS just a rumor, but this time around, I’m really hoping its true

2 responses to “Thank God for BioWare

    • December. not sure the exact day, you could probobly google it, but if you have DirectTV you can watch it live on Spike

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