Skyrim…a week away…. is this possible? 0_0

With all the cool titles that have came out this quarter and many more to come, Skyrim is probably the one I am most looking forward to after Battlefields release on October 25th. Skyrim’s weapon wielding, epic landscapes and dragons are some of the things that I most look forward to exploring and killing throughout the game.

Yes Bethesda we've seen this village a thousand times just GIVE US THE GAME ALREADY!!!!

Honestly,  I think duel wielding spells, swords will be awesome and all that I hoped for in this game. I like the fact that in order to be a expert in sword fighting or smithing or thievery you can just do it throughout the game and level up.


dragons FTW


please reply or forever be a NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOBBBB

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