Battlefield 3: PC review

Awwwwwwwww yeahhhh

DA DA DA DA DUN DUN! I don’t know about you, but I’ve been losing sleep playing a little bf3 on PC. On the PC coming in at 60 fps and 64 player online, this sounds like a solid deal and on top of that I got the Back to Karkland map DLC. Still haven’t gotten the chance to play it because of the other nine maps that are ridiculously huge and more epic. Lets start off with the campaign shall we? I like the idea of switching characters, but I really wanted to see where DICE was going with the ending (I’m not going to spoil it). But the story was GREAT, it had its moments where it reminded me of the black ops campaign but in all, solid dialogue and no controversial missions.

Yes modern warfare I'm talking to you.

The story is basically you are a marine named Srt. Blackburn, he is detained after going crazy about WMDs that him and his squad mates found in a metropolitan bank. When they opened the case there were spaces for three nukes but only one nuke remained. From there you play as a few different characters who have connections or in pursuit of the WMDs themselves. In a few missions (my favorite ones) you play as a spetsnaz operative named Dima that has connections to the whereabouts of the nuclear weapons.

Yeah, they pretty much do this in the campaign.

You also play as a tank commander who has a toy dinosaur from his kid back in the States(refer to mw3 needs more dinosaurs). He and his tank crew get over run by the P.L.R. and he is taken prisoner. Thats all I’m going to say about the campaign.

Multiplayer is where the action REALLY is, I kinda don’t like the fact that you have to go through Origin to actually start a game. I like the in-game server menu better, its just how I’ve always seen it. When you first walk in a map say Devmand Peak you feel like an ant just watching in awe as helicopters circle around you like crazy and stingers desperately trying to lock on, and as the T-90 tank comes barreling out of a tunnel crushing everything in its path of destruction 2.0(zing!).

Did I mention Base Jumping?!?!?!(taken at Devmand Peak)

But wait theres MOAR! with conquest,TDM,squadTDM,Rush and CO-OP and nine maps plus DLC yet to come that could fit every single map on Call of Duty just in ONE map, helicopters, APCs, Jeeps,planes,AA tanks, mortar emplacements, drones, troop transports, boats, and customization your appearance and guns. Dispite a few graphical glitches and server lag now and then its amazing that this game even runs at 60fps with no slowed frame rate at all. I think its fair to say Battlefield has it all! I haven’t gotten the chance to play CO-OP just from the fact that I just started multiplayer and have no desire to quit. Anyways, this game is amazing I give it a 10/10 hands down, definitely a Modern Warfare killer.

Battlefield 3: 1          Modern Warfare 3: 0

See you on the Battlefield,

Rdpete (add me to the origin friends list!)


5 responses to “Battlefield 3: PC review

  1. As i seem to be the only one posting or possibly reading o.O? I would like to give some friendly advice.

    1. I think you shouldn’t have told people about there being three nukes.
    2. Post your PC specs.
    3. Maybe list some weapon customization options?
    4. He and his tank crew get over run by the P.L.R. and he is taken prisoner. A little to much?

    and now just some nitpicking…

    1.Back to Karkland map DLC isn’t out yet, you made it sound like it was.
    2. You left out Squad Rush.
    3. Whats the white in the left and right side of the first picture.
    4. You should talk about the classes some.

    and to end it some positives?

    1. Everything else lol.

    Honestly i kinda feel bad about saying this stuff because i know this is hard and it’s not suppose to be a really strict review, but i feel like it might help?

    And another pick because video games are visual, [IMG][/IMG]

    Tell me if i’m an -.-


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