Day 2 on the 3rd Battlefield

So, today was the second day of Battlefield 3, and after I finally started my campaign and blew up more random shit in the multiplayer, I still think DICE SHOULD have charged more for such a good game. thank god they didn’t. Tomorrow will be the first Friday for the game to survive through, and I’m not sure about the PS3, but Xbox and PC players will probably run into connection problems just like they may have today. ANYWAY, remember, if you play BF3 on the Xbox 360, feel free to add me and we can play together.

Off to blow even MORE random shit up,

-plasmatic blood(XBL) @plasmaticblood(twitter)

One response to “Day 2 on the 3rd Battlefield

  1. Seems like you guys need a third guy, for the PS3 stuff, just saying.

    Then again, you guys might not with the amount of news you put out, that’s not a slander by the way.


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