Battlefield 3 first glance!!!!

ITS FINALLY HERE!. Yesterday came with the release of Battlefield 3, one of the most anticipated video games of this year. At first glance through the eyes and controller, this game is everything that DICE promised and more. anyone who plays call of duty and doesn’t atleast want to try Battlefield 3 isn’t just stupid, but they took Activision and EA’s fight over dominance way too far. PERSONALLY, I would like to say that battlefield 3 is better than MW3 will be, but far exceeds any of its predecessors.

I will post the console review of Battlefield 3 later this week, and rdpete will get to his PC review soon….ish….

with loving frags

-plasmatic blood(XBL) @plasmaticblood (twitter


One response to “Battlefield 3 first glance!!!!

  1. Totally agree with your Call of Duty remark, they will hopefully both be great games as long as MW3 isn’t hacked.

    You guys are getting a YouTube channel right?


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