This Weekend

So, this weekend was kind of a whirlwind for a lot of gamers, us included. I was saying that we would have a podcast posted Friday night/Saturday morning, but we didn’t record it till last night, though we did get our good friend Templar Lords(XBL) to join us(podcast SHOULD BE UP SOON, no promises). This Weekend was also host to the o so awesome Blizz Con, with new trailers for Diablo 3, SC2, AND the new WoW expansion. that along with BF3, MW3, and a Saints Row: The Third launch trailer has really put everyone in a “give me my f#%+ing games already” mode. We hope to not have another 2 day gap of nothing this next week, though we may omit tuesday due to BF3 and previously made plans.

Hope everyone had a good weekend,

-plasmatic blood(XBL) @plasmaticblood(twitter)


3 responses to “This Weekend

  1. Hope everyone had a good weekend, <—

    Good job on the site guys, the articles are pretty good.


    • For anyone wondering there seems to be a difference between what you write in here and how it is posted.

      That ^ is supposed to be below the period.

      -Also Sir_Francis

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