My personal view of this console generation’s game history

Recently I went back and started my second play through of Both Dragon Age: Origins and Borderlands, and realized that with the epicness of Battlefield 3 approaching in 4 days, and  other great titles already out this year, I kind of miss what used to be the best games. So I decided that I would share my 3 all-time favorite games of this generation that don’t take up entire shelves in Game Stop anymore. Personally, I see these three games as either pioneers of their genre on the current gen. consoles, or just really freaking awesome. Borderlands, Dragon Age: Origins and Halo 3 have made the biggest contributions to my opinion on anything gaming before I was blowing up barns in Bad Company 2.

So first off, Halo 3…. GOD DAMN……. I can’t even count the number of maps/game types I made in forge, or how many times I stayed up at night laughing my ass off, but I can say that I loved this game deeply. The additions of powers and such in Halo: Reach really pulled me in just like everyone else, and in the end, I said, “Where the hell is Halo 3” and remembered I sold it for Reach. It goes to show that Halo 3, really is the fantastic game that Microsoft shouldn’t have tried to take control of. Halo 3 holds more play hours from me than both Dragon Ages AND Mass Effect combined, and the reason is that it’s just that awesome, and is the reason I stuck with my Xbox and not PC or PS3 gaming. I finished the fight, and you better believe I’M DAMN PROUD OF IT.

Then there’s Borderlands. Borderlands went through more drastic late development changes than any other games I’ve played, and having the pleasure of healing people with a turret or smashing people’s faces in a free roam shooter is pure spine chilling awesome. Borderlands was the first real free roam game after Zelda: Ocarina of Time, and in all honesty, I couldn’t stop playing… Even now, I’m starting another play through and can’t wait to do the dlc’s again. Borderlands really showed that rpg’s and shooters really could go together outside of Bioware’s brilliance. I look forward to the 2nd play through ill be traversing to re-reach level 50+.

Last on this list of awesome, is Dragon Age: Origins, more than definitely the best fantasy rpg I’ve ever played. While Dragon Age is the newest item on the list, It has the most in depth strategies and story. DAO is one of Bioware’s finest creations and is the closest thing to a real DND video game a player like me will ever get.(disregarding the poorly made ACTUAL DND game). I would never compare DAO to any other game purely because of how unique, awesome, and fun it is. THANK YOU BIOWARE, ILL TAKE DA3 NOW!!!


-time to get over my caffeine headache,


-plasmatic blood(XBL) @plasmaticblood(twitter)


2 responses to “My personal view of this console generation’s game history

  1. Lead storyboard writer for Deun Studios?

    Why have i never heard of them and can’t find anything about them…?

    Just a question.

  2. well we still working on first game, its gonna be indie on XBLA and I’m not sure what the deal is with not being able to find us, @Loveassassin on twitter is in charge, ask him. We WERE in the xna DBP competition, but didnt do good.

    Thanks for asking

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