So after yesterday, me and rdpete were at the barcraft Idaho event watching the Orlando MLG sc2 tourney… AAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNDDDD im gonna have to say it was pretty damn amazing. After seeing an American(or atleast white guy) named Idra beat 2 KOREANS at sc2, i know ill be getting more into sc2. but in other realms of gaming. 1 WEEK TILL BF3 PEOPLE!!!!! The long awaited “sequel” to Battlefield 2 is nearly hear and I am sooo ready. Also, We will soon be adding a Minecraft and MMO page to our site, so keep us posted on your awesome creations in Minecraft, and we’ll do our best to keep u all up to date with some of the big MMO’s who aren’t named WoW (not cuz its not a good game, we just dont wanna waste time scanning other sites for legit info). anyway, if you think that you’ve created something cool in Minecraft, send us an e-mail at plsmbld@gmail.com, and we’ll go ahead and give you your spotlight on the interwebz :D.

A lot of changes are coming to gaming and our site, so keep coming back for updates :D.

-plasmatic blood (xbl) @plasmaticblood(twitter)


please reply or forever be a NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOBBBB

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