Barcraft Idaho

What is Barcraft you may ask? A drunk minecraft convention? no! It’s a drunk STARCRAFT MLG tournament happening at Brewforia Beer Market on Sunday the 16th from 2pm to 8, minors are welcome but apparently there will be booze….Anyway while  MLG pros pwn noobs while us onlookers stare in awe, there will also be a mini tournament for us mortals. “But Rdpete what if I have a crappy laptop that can’t run starcraft????” If your lucky u might be able to snag one that someone graciously provided for you. Attendance will be approximately 20 people + depending who did or didn’t sign up for the event group on FacebookThank you for making this happen Chris. And as the Protoss say, MY WIFE FOR HIRE!

heres the link for the Facebook group

Zeratul FTW



please reply or forever be a NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOBBBB

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