Battlefield 3 Beta(xbox360) REVIEW

The Battlefield 3 open beta was released last week and the first thing to come out of my mouth upon trying to play it on myXbox360 was:”What the fuck?” The Xbox Live server connection with EA was glitchier the first day of the beta than anything else in the entire week of the beta. After that, I near had an orgasm just about every time I sprinted through gunfire without falling through the ground of the beautiful beta.

With the most beautiful scenery in any shooter I’ve personally ever played, the battlefield 3 beta used the new Frostbite 2 engine to make its competitors like CryEngine3 remember who the king is. Besides the occasional falling through the ground, a bluish screen, or not being able to sprint, the beta was near flawless in bringing classic battlefield infantry combat into the public with new and improved polish. I see this as something new to Battlefield and couldn’t be happier seeing all of the CoD newbs dying in piles at my feet.

Anyone like me would have half cried when they got home from work/school today knowing the beta was over and no Gamestop message on the phone saying the full game was going to be waiting for them on a shelf tomorrow. October 25, 2011 will be a true blessing from DICE upon North America and any other regions with the same release day.

Now I think I’ll get back to playing Rage so I have to time to actually do the work I should have done instead of the beta :D!


-plasmatic blood: xbl



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