Battlefield 3 Beta(PS3) REVIEW

Not only does the Battlefield logo look epic, so does the beta(more or less) and its wide array of customization and tweaking of your soldier. I found that the m16 is the best of the medic class(technically assault)with whatever pistol I have equipped. All the guns feel right when fired as well. They have realistic recoil when prompted and along with that bipods are very useful for accuracy and precision against long range targets.

See! thats why you don't go running out in the open you noobasaurs!!!

Going prone is another thing that made me wonder why Bad Company 2 didn’t have it. It could have saved so many deaths its not even funny! Anyway I digress, the glitches in the beta were pretty bad and ended up with either my buddy plasmaticblood or me raging while unloading an entire clip into a baddie and him killing us with one shot. But its still a beta and should be treated as such. Another thing I’ve herd about the beta is that the flashlights on the PC blind players more than the console version.


One final question, do any of you think that Xbox players and PS3 players should play together on Battlefield 3?

off to eat buffalo wings,










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