Rage first glance

So, this last Tuesday (October 4th), the world was graced by a new creation from id Software.  Being as we haven’t seen much activity from ID since a very dismal Doom 3, and as I see it, we can all start loving them again. Rage is id’s newest wasteland creation where players are given the chance to put a ruined world back together.

As I’m only about a third of the way through the campaign due to the near simultaneous release of the Battlefield 3 beta (article to be released on next Tuesday), I’m going to say that so far, I’m more impressed with this game than any other game this year.  The story behind Rage is interesting, gun-play is more than fun, and quite honestly, games like Call of Duty could even learn a thing or two from how the weapons work.

At first glance this game is the perfected realistic version of the first borderlands many people have been waiting for. At a slightly deeper experience, I say Rage is more than capable of keeping people like me satisfied for a LONG TIME. Anyone still considering buying Rage should stop considering and just do it.


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